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Feb 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
work. this is the work that is done by john paul scott include the completion of several health care centers including sunset mental health, potrero hill and curry health centers. and maxine hall health clinic is currently under design and will be moving into construction very soon. we'll be starting work soon on barrier removal work at the san francisco generate hospital in the emergency room area, clinic and patient restrooms. and bibeding 89d at san francisco general hospital got a makeover at the parking lot. most important we're moving forward with the el elevator modernization project. it's going to be providing redundance amongst the three elevators in case one has to be taken out of service for repairs. the lethalon of honor underwent a makeover. golden gate park repaved manufacture their multi-use roads. and we finished the accessible passenger loading work at the school district. that was the subject of lopez lawsuit. we're go to be doing some phase 2 work for the cultural center and the mission cultural center for latino arts. that concludes my director's report. thank yo
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am EST
unless they got cuts, there would have lost that the raid at the end. big loss that debate. john boehner and paul rand did a great job together. you cannot govern from that office, you but you have to be very careful about high-profile last-minute negotiations. i've worked in the white house and three administrations. the president has a tremendous institutional advantage in these kinds of fights. what republicans have to do is avoid these fights, the straps that they are laying. provide an alternative through passing legislation, just to show this is how they would govern if they had the powers of the presidency and the senate. and be careful. there are some rough edges. host: some are not strategy as far as moving the debt ceiling ahead. guest: if they had gone ahead with it, it would have been politically cataclysmic. it was the worst percival -- worst possible ground to make their point. president obama 1. i think it's absolutely crucial for the future of the country that you cannot govern from the house. some house republicans, i am sympathetic to their concerns. their enthusiasm tr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2